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Welcome to Jamu Spa School

An internationally award winning school, Jamu Spa School is your choice for studying traditional natural treatments, and professional spa and massage training. Featuring Indonesia’s most experienced and qualified tutors, we offer quality education for you to not only learn the Balinese way, but also the Indonesian traditions of health and beauty. Keeping the tradition in the multi-generation family recipes alive, we use only the freshest and purest of ingredients in our products, treatments, and courses, and we teach our students to do the same.

Whether you are a professional spa therapist looking for career-expanding training, an individual interested in learning traditional massage techniques or gaining international qualifications, or even spas looking for staff training, we have a program for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Jamu Spa School Courses

One day courses to long course program, these are choices of courses on our traditional treatments that surely will enrich your offer to your clients.

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Cibtac Degree Courses

With internationally recognized qualifications in the wellness industry, your CIBTAC degree will offer you worldwide opportunities to build your career in the spa industry of 20 countries. 

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Jamu Courses Endorsed by Cibtac

Our newest offer to our students, some of our Jamu courses now have been endorsed by CIBTAC which means that your skills on these traditional treatments are now recognized worldwide.

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Jamu Spa School Workshops

Join 2 hours of fun and educative workshops to make your own healing and aromatic oils and various herbal tonic drinks, take your creations home and enjoy with your loved ones.

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