cibtac Courses

CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), based in UK, has been recognized worldwide for over 25 years as an international examination board in beauty and holistic therapies. Renowned for the high level of training and strict quality control, a CIBTAC qualification guarantee you to be able to work all over the world asset to their business.

Jamu Spa School is a award winning CIBTAC Centre this year. Jamu Spa School is in the final for CIBTAC Centre and CIBTAC Tutor 2016.. You have made the right decision to take CIBTAC courses at Jamu Spa School.


CIBTAC Awards is up to 13 credits and approximately 130 hours of training.

• 8 days Level 2 Award in Waxing
• 15 days Level 3 Award in Body Massage
• 10 days Level 3 Award in Indian Head Massage

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CIBTAC Certificates are qualifications which are between 13 credits and approximately 130 hours of training and up to 37 credits and and approximately 370 hours of training.

• 15 days Certificate in Stone Therapy

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There are 2 types of CIBTAC Diploma courses: QCF Diploma and Bespoke Diploma. QCF Diplomas are the qualification that is over 37 credits or 370 hours of training. The Bespoke Diplomas are CIBTAC traditional qualifications that have been recognized worldwide for 35 years. Many centers choose to offer these qualifications to give them a unique selling point as all are called Diplomas and are not restricted to the same criteria of the QCF qualifications.

• 40 days Diploma in Body Massage
• 30 days Diploma Spa Therapy
• 40 days Diploma Spa Therapy & Diploma Anatomy Physiology
• 15 days Diploma in Spa & Salon Management

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• 10 days Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
• 20 days Diploma in Teaching & Assessment

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• 5 days Basic Balinese Massage
• 5 days Advanced Balinese Massage
• 5 days Body Scrubs and Wraps
• 5 days Natural Facial Treatment
• 5 days  Traditional Hair Creambath
• 5 days Pregnancy Massage
• 5 days Javanese Selendang Treatment
• 3 days Bust Treatment
• 2 days Baby Massage
• 3 weeks Maternity Package
• 5 weeks Balinese Treatments Package

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