Jamu Courses

At Jamu Spa School we offer a variety of courses for health, beauty and wellness. Our One Week Courses are designed to provide you with an insight into a specific massage treatment. The One, Two or Three Month Certificate Courses are more in-depth and teach you a wide range of massage therapies and beauty treatments. We also provide one day and three day courses for you should you require. And if you like we can always customize our programs to suit your needs with our tailor made packages. All Jamu Spa School courses include theory and practical components but the emphasis is mainly on hands on training and practical experience. We find this technique develops more rounded and competent spa and massage therapists. Have a look at the various types of courses that we offer at Jamu Spa School to see how we can help start your journey into the spa and massage industry here in Bali.


What a great way to spend 2 hours to learn to make something for you and your family’s wellbeing. We offer a choice of 2 hours workshops on making various products you can do yourself at home.

• 2 Hours Balinese Therapeutic Oil Blending

• 2 Hours Jamu Herbal Tonic Making

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• 1 Day Introduction to Balinese Massage

• 1 Day Boreh Body Wrap Treatment

• 1 Day Kerokan Treatment

• 1 Day Baby Massage

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This is why most of our Students come to Bali!
Your training in Bali is not complete without taking a Balinese Massage Course. Explore various options of your traditional massage course here.

• 5 Days Basic Balinese Massage

• 5 Days Advanced Balinese Massage

• 5 Days Herbal Compress Massage

• 5 Days Body Scrubs and Wraps

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When nature gives you a gift of beauty what more can you ask?
Learn to deliver premium class beauty treatments to your clients. Discover how natural products ingredients can be used and how to make them. These choices of treatments will surely be a unique offering for you clients.

• 5 Days Natural Facial Treatment

• 5 Days Traditional Hair Creambath

• 5 Days Body Hair Removal (Waxing)

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These specific classes are offered to provide various skills in delivery health and wellness treatments for your clients. Check options available here.

• 1 Day Infra Red and Audio Sonic Massage

• 1 DayRatus Treatment

• 5 Days Slimming Massage

• 5 Days Lymphatic Drainage Massage

• 5 Days Introduction to Deep Tissues Massage

• 6 Days Slimming & Gyratory Massage

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Offer something special to your clients.
Our comprehensive training in maternity treatments will equip you with a unique skill to assist mothers to be. All the way from pregnancy to birth.
Your unique selling point is the use of special techniques and natural product making only on Jamu Spa School.

• 3 Days Bust Treatment
• 5 Days Pre Natal/Pregnancy Massage
• 5 Days Post Natal/Javanese Selendang

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Learn these entire worlds recognize treatments in Beautiful Bali.
See no more. All theses internationally famous spa treatments are available to study at Jamu Spa School.

• 1 Day Indian Head Massage

• 5 Days Thai Massage

• 5 Days Reflexology Foot Massage

• 5 Days Swedish Massage

• 5 Days Stone Therapy

• 5 Days Ayurvedic Abhyanga Shirodhara

• 5 Days Anatomy Physiology

• 5 Days Aromatherapy Massage

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Study max, pay less!
We love enthusiastic and passionate Students who want to know more of our Jamu courses. We have special package course fee for you right here!

• 3 Weeks Maternity Package
• 1 Month Balinese Treatment Package
• 1 Month Massage Therapy Package
• 1 Month Beauty Treatment Package
• 2 Months Massage & Beauty Training Package
• 2 Months Traditional Treatment & Maternity Care
• 3 Months Spa Therapist Training Package
• 3 Months Massage, Beauty & Maternity Care

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