Our alumnae have worked in many different countries, some built their business after studying in Jamu, some work for spas/salon  and some work independently. Read some stories of our alumnae here.

Katie sets up her beautiful wellness retreat in Lymington upon coming back from Bali where she took 2 months course at Jamu Spa School in 2012. She offered treatments which are inspired by Balinese way of life and also specializing in providing infant massage and maternity treatment.

Read her website here:

Katie MillerOwner of The Hidden Sanctuary, UK

Yoshie took 3 Months Spa Therapist Training Course at Jamu Spa School back in 2013. She then went back to..and set up her home spa in Hyogo, Japan. Her spa offers a range of Balinese traditional treatments such as Balinese Oil Treatment, Balinese traditional scrub, warmstone, waxing, creambath etc.Since then she has come back almost every year to Jamu Spa School to take new courses or purchase products for her spa in Japan.

Here is her website:

Yoshie AndoOwner of Balinese Spa Tertawa, Japan

Aisah studied at Jamu Spa School taking 3 Months Spa Therapist Training and she has always received a lot of compliments from her teacher and her clients. Upon finishing her course, she went back to UK where she works as a mobile therapist in London. She makes Jamu herbal drink for her clients, deliver massage, beauty as well as slimming/post natal treatment. She is one very busy therapist!

Aisah Binti EncumMobile Therapist, UK

Yogi completed his 3 Months Spa Therapist Training Course at Jamu Spa School in 2015 and then went on fulfilling his dream to open up a spa in Ubud. He offers Balinese Traditional spa treatments . Don’t miss his beautiful spa the next time you visit Ubud.

Check his website here:

Dewa Gede YogiswaraOwner of Beji Traditional Spa, Ubud

Yulia was once a scholarship student at Jamu Spa School. Since then she has worked as a therapist in Jamu and then worked in Maldives for a few years. Passionate to pursue her dream higher to make a career in management, she came back to Jamu taking a CIBTAC Diploma in Salon Management Course. She passed the exam with impressive results and now is doing her internship at Karma Kandara Spa, Bali.

YuliaSpa Manager Intern at Karma Kandara Spa, Bali

Having worked for many years in China managing a wellness facility, Pamela fell in love with the spa world. She went to Bali taking a therapist course and then came back again to take Diploma Salon Management in Jamu Spa School. She has successfully completed her course in June and is now doing her internship at Jamu Traditional Spa, Bali.

Pamela EspindolaSpa Manager Intern at Jamu Traditional Spa

Hermintje is one of our most talented students. Having more than 13 years experience in the spa industry, she found her passion in sharing her knowledge and training other people. She took her course in Diploma Teacher Training and Assessment and passed with flying colour. She is now consulting and setting up a new spa in Maldives. All the best for your future, Hermin!

Hermintje Anotonetta AgohaSpa Consultant in Maldives

Kayoko finished her 3 months spa therapist training at Jamu Spa School in 2013 and went back to establish her business: Santai Spa in Kagawa, Japan. She loves to enjoy nature and enjoy the blessings of nature through treatments she offers at her spa.

Check her website here:

Kayoko MatsumuraOwner of Santai Spa, Japan

Dony is a gifted therapist with a very special hands. He is an enthusiastic person as well. Upon completing his course in 2014 at Jamu Spa School, he went back to Yogyakarta to set his own business: D&I Spa.

DonyOwner of D&L Spa, Yogyakarta

Coming to Jamu Spa School with an intention to gain a new skill and change her career, Lianne finished her study in 2015 and came back home to Seychelles. She immediately got an offer at Constance Lemuria Resort where she received a lot of good praise from her manager. Lianne is now working on building her own business: Chamomint Spa.

Lianne VolcyTherapist in Seychelles

Eli came to Jamu Spa School in 2015 to gain a new skill and was aiming for a new career. Shortly after finishing her course, she received a job offer from a 5 star hotel: Jumeria Hotel where she has been working ever since.

Eli SeptianawatiTherapist in Dubai

Bev came to study Traditonal Balinese Massage in 2015 after finishing her yoga teacher training in Ubud. Upon coming back home, Bev started opening her yoga studio where she also have a treatment room offering Balinese Massage treatment. Ahh what a beautiful combination

Bev BrysonTherapist and Yoga Teacher, Canada
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