We make studying in Jamu Spa School , Bali, a piece of cake for you. We can assist you with your visa, providing sponsor letter and help you extending your visa when you are studying, pick you up at the airport and book accommodation for your study. Simply contact us for any assistance for your pre-departure to Bali and we will help you arranging it!

There are various options for visa to enter Indonesia. This information is valid at the moment this article is written but please always check with your travel company or the nearest Indonesian Embassy for the most updated visa information.

Visa on Arrival
There are 169 countries that receive a 30 day Indonesia free visa upon arrival for purposes of tourism, business, family visits, social-cultural affairs, journalistic duties and participation in educational activities. If you a a citizen from these countries, you can enter Bali free using this visa. See the complete list here: This visa is not extendable. If you wish to stay more than 1 month in Bali, then you can apply for the paid VOA which costs USD 35. Citizen of Libya is not granted free VOA therefore they need to use the paid VOA.

Visa in Advance
Citizens of countries who are not eligible for Free or Paid Visa on Arrival (VOA) must apply for a visa before they arrive in Indonesia. Typically this is a 30 or 60 days visa. Details vary by country, so you should contact the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate in order to determine processing fees and time.

Social Budaya Visa (valid for up to six months)
Jamu Spa School Students who are enrolling in a course for more than two months can apply for a Social Cultural Visa. This requires a sponsor letter from Jamu Spa School for which we charge a fee of USD 30.00. Take this to the closest Indonesian embassy or consulate to submit the scanned copy and complete an application. It’s initially valid for 2 months and can be extended on a monthly basis by Jamu Spa School for a fee of Rupiah 900,000. (Approximately USD 90.00 depending on exchange rates on the day).

There are plenty of places to stay around Jamu Spa School, from homestay with a host, hotels to 5 star resorts. Here are a list of accommodation around and of course there are many more if you look up on Google. Let us know if you need any help booking, we will make everything easy for you.

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